Monday, February 8, 2010

Trickster Series Is Complete

Last but not least in the series, the Hare/Rabbit. Found frequently in folk tales of south eastern America. Think Br'er Rabbit. I think the colors worked out well on this one. They print really well at least.

I suppose this means I need to color the first one in the series. I'll get on that tomorrow. Over and Out.

Two More Scratchboards, Now In Color!

So this long snowed in weekend has led me to be quite productive.

First we have the second in the Trickster series. This time it is the Crow, found in many of the North Western tribes' folklore. I really like the color work I did here. It's the first time I have worked with color in my personal work in a long time.

Next we have a steam punk jet pack girl. I mostly did this to try and sell at Lunacon. Nerds like steampunk, right? Duh. Anyway, another trip into color. I'm not sure I like the color work here as much as I like it for the above piece. Might need a little more playing around.

Coming soon, I have to finish coloring the last in the Trickster series and finish up a half way done scratch board. I'm on pace to definitely reach my goal amount of work for Lunacon. Over and out.