Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Life in sketches: Florida

Went down to Florida for a week and a half with Nick and Kish, we stayed with Nick's uncle Otto in Clearwater, Fl. Pretty neat. Swam in the gulf for the first time and snorkeled for the first time. Saw some dolphins and some manatees, one of which effectively translated popped out of the water with an "oh, hai!" Anyway, good times mostly had by all except for a few strange incidents involving burglars, bugs, rogue sprinklers, Clue: Harry Potter edition, one sassy, foul mouthed 11 year old and much needed jack n' cokes.

Drawn while sitting and watching the sun set on Clearwater Beach.

Night fishing off a pier in Clearwater Beach. Nick caught 1 salt water cat and I caught a puny pinfish.

An amalgamation/time lapse of things I saw on the water after I came in from fishing on Honeymoon Island.

Chilling out after catching 5 salt water catfish with my rod leaned against one of the beach chairs. Otto leaned his there too which he cut more bait.

Gestural sketches of Nick and Otto trying to get a snagged line to release.

Over all a very productive at relaxing trip. Back to the real world. Over and out, space cadets!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Art Behind The Banner...

So I totally need a better scanner. Anyway, got bored, made this and turned it into the blog banner. Sounds fun right. It was!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Life in Sketches: DC United

My friend Nick on the train heading to the DC United Game. We won.

Going to Florida for a week, hopefully I'll get a ton of sketches done of awesome stuff like sand sculptures or manatees.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My LIfe in Sketches the Laurel Addition

Went with from friends on an adventure in search of food. We found and interesting spot called Shane's Rib Shack. Good life choice. I drew while we waiting for out food to arrive. I'm actually really proud of this sketch because I'm usually terrible at drawing people I know, but I did a good job this time.

My Life In Sketches, Plus New Old Art

I missed a couple days of sketches I think, lame on my part. Anyway here are my latest encounters/experiences/whatever.

Thursday hung out with some friends while they bottled their home brewed beer. Here you can see Shane siphoning the beer into the bottles.

Saturday went out to the bar. Same bar as before but a different angle, different day, different bar tenders.

I'm really trying to buckle down and draw every day, but i'm slipping up already. I'm getting better about it. Here's to chronicling my life in pictures.

Here is some art I did early senior year. It's a wood block, illustration of an alien princess and her monster pet/companion on the prowl/look out. It's weird, I didn't know how I felt about it at the time and I still don't know how I feel about it. It's interesting. I think the angle and composition are weird and could have been better.

That's it for this post. Over and out.

Monday, July 6, 2009

My Life In Sketches Day 3

Washington, DC

Went out to the bar with some friends who came down to visit from Philadelphia. The owner of the bar wants a copy of the sketch to hang up, which is cool. This is a continuation of my weekend in sketches. I plan in pursuing this over a full year. From July 3rd to July 3rd... or maybe July 4th to July 4th just to make it easy to remember. So far, so good.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Weekend In Sketches

Slash, I totally haven't posted in forever. Anyway, here are some sketches I did on my 4th of July weekend mini-vacation.

Colonial Beach, VA

Weird jetty thing concrete barrels, potomac river.

Kishani's legs on the left, and my knee and foot on the right. Bait bucket.

Pier we were fishing off of. The fishing pole holders whistled when the wind blew, it was really neat. I caught 3 catfish (largest one was 11in) and found 3 sharks teeth.

Lake Anna, VA

Random sketches I drew while it was raining.

A lime and a boat... yup.

Nick's arm, a bird feeder and the tip of the toy surfer.

So that was my weekend in sketches... most of the time I was fishing which makes drawing hard since my hands were usually wet. I hope to post more soon.

Over and out