Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Self Portrait - WIP (got a little more done) and Two Sketches

These two sketches are for a Triptych assignment for Digital Painting. My theme is the Trickster archetype, based in native american cultures. To make it work I have to make the different patterns seem to flow seamlessly. The sketches are testing out patterns and positions. I think I have my final patterns down but I'm not sure which composition is stronger, so you masses out there help a girl out. Maybe even keeping the coyote on the right and just flipping it and the rabbit.

This self portrait is taking forever, but it's probably because I put it on the back burner to get other assignments done. I think it's progressing nicely, and will look pretty cool when finished. After I finish the painting I have to put on a texture in some area to complete the assignment, I'll probably put a paper texture on the ochre.

Over and out Space Cadets!

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