Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First New Post In For-Ev-ER

So life kind of caught up with me there for a little bit, so no real time to update this guy. Anyway, a lot is going on. I got hired to do a few book covers. Mostly just work for hire collage work, but one of the covers is my original work. It's my first real legit, getting paid for job. Sorry to all those folks I barter with, those are real jobbie jobs too. On that note, I have two new flyers to post. Both shows are well past, but that's ok too.

Also recently, I designed a tattoo for a friend of mine. I can only post the artwork now, because I can't seem to remember my camera when I see him. Hopefully I will have awesome shots of the finished product and I will post them as soon as I can. Ok kids, back to work. I'll post the finished book covers when they tell me I can. Hopefully soon.

Over and out, space cadets!

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