Sunday, September 5, 2010

Winterfell aka Jaybird Forrest aka Happy Trees

I finally finished this guy. Took me months and months. This piece was too painful to look at for a while and then it became a way of coming to terms with some bad things that went down. I'm so glad I finished it.

I just started a new piece today, it's about a 1/4 done. Will hopefully get a chance to post progress after work tomorrow but most likely as not. It's the first in a series of weird moody dramatic portraits of mutants who have just come into their powers. I'm starting out with a Pyro but not Pyro since my mutant can start the fire on his own, plus my mutant seems to have more um feelings as it were. Anyway hope to get it done asap so I can start on the next one. A telepathic girl.

I'll close out today with the coloring I've been playing around with. Enjoy.
Over and out.

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Adam Foster-Fahy said...

Very spooky, the structure in the background puts me in mind of F Paul Wilson's The Keep (the book, not the film!)