Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Weekend In Sketches

Slash, I totally haven't posted in forever. Anyway, here are some sketches I did on my 4th of July weekend mini-vacation.

Colonial Beach, VA

Weird jetty thing concrete barrels, potomac river.

Kishani's legs on the left, and my knee and foot on the right. Bait bucket.

Pier we were fishing off of. The fishing pole holders whistled when the wind blew, it was really neat. I caught 3 catfish (largest one was 11in) and found 3 sharks teeth.

Lake Anna, VA

Random sketches I drew while it was raining.

A lime and a boat... yup.

Nick's arm, a bird feeder and the tip of the toy surfer.

So that was my weekend in sketches... most of the time I was fishing which makes drawing hard since my hands were usually wet. I hope to post more soon.

Over and out

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