Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Life in sketches: Florida

Went down to Florida for a week and a half with Nick and Kish, we stayed with Nick's uncle Otto in Clearwater, Fl. Pretty neat. Swam in the gulf for the first time and snorkeled for the first time. Saw some dolphins and some manatees, one of which effectively translated popped out of the water with an "oh, hai!" Anyway, good times mostly had by all except for a few strange incidents involving burglars, bugs, rogue sprinklers, Clue: Harry Potter edition, one sassy, foul mouthed 11 year old and much needed jack n' cokes.

Drawn while sitting and watching the sun set on Clearwater Beach.

Night fishing off a pier in Clearwater Beach. Nick caught 1 salt water cat and I caught a puny pinfish.

An amalgamation/time lapse of things I saw on the water after I came in from fishing on Honeymoon Island.

Chilling out after catching 5 salt water catfish with my rod leaned against one of the beach chairs. Otto leaned his there too which he cut more bait.

Gestural sketches of Nick and Otto trying to get a snagged line to release.

Over all a very productive at relaxing trip. Back to the real world. Over and out, space cadets!

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